INTASC Standards

INTASC Standards

The pages which follow focus on the InTASC standards developed by the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium in conjunction with representatives from the states and multiple school districts. These national standards address criteria by which new teachers are assessed. The ten standards are:

  1. Learner Development
  2. Learning Differences
  3. Learning Environments
  4. Content Knowledge
  5. Application of Content
  6. Assessment
  7. Planning for Instruction
  8. Instructional Strategies
  9. Professional Learning and Ethical Practices
  10. Leadership and Collaboration

I have gathered artifacts from my career thus far that demonstrate my knowledge and application of the InTASC standards. Each artifact is accompanied by an explanation and justification that addresses why that particular artifact has been included.

This page has the following sub pages.

INTASC # 1 Learner Development

INTASC # 2 Learning Differences

INTASC # 3 Learning Environments

INTASC # 4 Content Knowledge

INTASC # 5 Application of Content

INTASC # 6 Assessment

INTASC # 7 Planning for Instruction

INTASC # 8 Instructional Strategies

INTASC # 9 Professional Learning and Ethical Practices

INTASC # 10 Leadership and Collaboration