Standard # 7 Planning for Instruction

INTASC Standard # 7: The teacher plans instruction that supports every student in meeting rigorous learning goals by drawing upon knowledge of content areas, curriculum, cross-disciplinary skills, and pedagogy, as well as knowledge of learners and the community context.

INTASC Standard Interpretation: In planning I will follow the standards set by the TEKS so that I can ensure my students are receiving the most appropriate education. However, I will use creativity and ingenuity in making those lessons come alive in ways that students can become excited about learning. I will seek the most effective methods to convey the content in ways that students can connect how it applies in the world we live in today.

Artifacts: Nutrients Lesson, Pre and Post Assessments


INTASC Standard Reflection: This is a lesson I created on the role nutrients play in our overall health. It includes a pre – assessment activity to be completed with a learning group, the lesson plan as well as the post – assessment and the answer key. I feel this example highlights creative ways to deliver learning but it also includes a written test to assess for learning on an individual lesson.