My Philosophy

I believe that children learn best when they can answer the question for themselves, “why does this matter in my life?” I believe that when we help students make those connections true learning takes place. I feel that the life skills taught in Family and Consumer Science Education can be applied to everyday life.

Family and Consumer Science is the information students need to be prepared for life.

We can teach arithmetic but have we taught them how to balance a checkbook?
We can teach grammar, but have we taught them how to have a successful job interview?
We can teach algebra, but have we showed them that the same logic can be applied to real world questions?
We can teach them economics but have we taught them what interest rates mean to their financial health?
We can teach them chemistry but have we taught them what affect nutrients have on their body?
We can teach them biology but have we taught them that the physical changes they are experiencing are a normal part of human development?

I believe the most successful education matches the curriculum of school to the curriculum of life. That is the work of Family and Consumer Science Education.

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
~Mark Twain~